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Royal India Vacation Tours is Jaipur Based Company which is established in 2016 with 15 years of Trade Experience of Rajasthan Tourism. During this tenure we have made special theme with the Help of Foreign Guests. Rajasthan is a Heritage state of India; here many kings established their kingdoms in many years ago. Their forts and museums are explains how was their life style (like passion, interest, dress, entertainment, weapons etc).

Mr. Narottam Sharma collected these themes and put them in his Tour Package as well. Mr. Sharma belongs with formal family in a small village of Rajasthan. So he has a better experience to make trip as heritage and Rural Culture. His Tourism and Hospitality management services includes different types of tour Packages, Car and Coaches Reservations, all categories of Hotels bookings, Fort and Festivals, Rural culture with Desert Activities and Royal safaris. Some major activities are Elephant Safari, camel Safari, boat ride, wildlife safari etc.

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